Amber, Back Home and Happy Again!!!


Here’s a great story from our WAPN fan Christine B. of Cumberland, RI…”Amber is an eleven year old Long Haired Mini Dachshund. In July 2011 Amber was experiencing pain and what appeared to be paralysis in her hind quarter. We immediately rushed her to our Vet and they referred us to the states Emergency Veterinary Hosp and were told time was of the essence. The surgeon stated she had a herniated disk in her spine and of the two types; hers was the worse of two and needed surgery ASAP. Although they were very optimistic that the surgery would help, there were no guarantees that she would be able to walk and both my husband and I thought that a two wheel cart was in her future. It has been almost 4 months and I’m very happy to say that Amber is walking. She started with physical therapy three days a week within two weeks of the surgery and now we are down to one day per week. Most time she wobbles when she walks and looks like she’s had a few too many, but I’ll take it!! She can walk, play, eat and do her business on her own. She is back to her old personality and we are so very grateful”.

Congratulations Christine and Amber. We love stories with happy endings!!!

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