Abby…..To Honor A Hero…..


We recently received this email from Jenni Chambers of Bedford, Virginia….. “I’m emailing to ask that you make our baby girl Abby, a 3 year old chocolate lab, be your pet of the day. The reason I ask is because she risked her life to save one of her owners, Mark. His house caught on fire early this past Friday morning, and had Abby not investigated and woken him up, he may not be with us. The fire and smoke was so bad that he had to jump from a second story window. He went back in so many times to save her but couldn’t find her. Abby loved her daddy, more than the world and Mark loved her just the same. He can’t accept the loss of his baby girl yet, but he knows she is happy now because she saved his life. Abby was truly man’s best friend, always there by his side and always listened. I know she’s happy and playing fetch in heaven but she will be truly missed by everyone”.

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  1. Suzanne Lemire says:

    God Bless you, Abby! You’re my hero! I’m sooooooooo sorry to her daddy, Mark, for his loss. May God Bless you too.

  2. Aww poor baby. I hope her daddy Mark realizes that while she has left our world, she has gone somewhere better. She plays now at the Rainbow Bridge, she’ll never get sick, old, and she will never hurt anymore. God has a special place for animals like her and he will see her again. She will be waiting for him on the day they get reunited. My love and prayers to Mark and his family.

    • So beautifully said. We all are sad for Mark, he will miss her for the rest of his life. She is the reason he can. Love to all who see what a magnificient story this is.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. It broke my heart to read this story. Abby is the reason I love animals so much! They are non judgemental, loving caring creatures of this earth!

  4. Pam Harding says:

    A valient pet who loved and was loved, what more in life can we ask for. Abbey is in heaven looking down on her friend.

  5. such a touching story. My heart goes out to all the family members with such a terrible loss. May Abby rest in peace.

  6. May she rest in peace. She was a beautiful puppy. Its beautiful how a dog can give you so much love, hope and happiness. She was brave and loved you. May god bless her and her owner.

  7. this dog might not of been a service dog of any kind but she should get a reward for giving her life to save her human, she is a hero

  8. What a terrible thing to happen..Abby was surely sent to your friend, by God to be his saviour..I truly believe that every animal that comes into our lives is sent there for a purpose..R.I.P. Abby :”(

  9. Darrell Curr says:

    It’s always nice to hear storys like this, but it is to bad that Abby couldn’t have been saved.
    She is a true hero.

  10. So sorry about your loss ,Abby wes truly a little angel!

  11. Marjorie Wilson says:

    I am trully sorry for your loss, I have 6 cats, 3 of which are now 14 years old. I love all of them dearly. I know I would not be here now if I did not have them, since 2000, I have lose my Husband, my Mom, and just buried my Dad, had surgery to have my right eye removed but these fellows saved me from all the sorry. Take care…..

  12. Shows how much unconditional love pets exeplify…..A great story, and a sad one. I have 3 cats and dogs….they all mean the world to me. What a fine pet and master….God bless…

  13. Mark Abby will always be with you! You did the best you could PLEASE don’t hesitate to help & adopt another animal.
    Animal,s need us!!

  14. My thoughts are with you for the loss of beautiful Abby.
    She will always live in your heart.

  15. Linda Savoie says:

    Beautiful and touching, but very sad.

  16. I am so sorry for your loss. What a special pup.

  17. Dear Ms Jenni & Mr. Mark Chambers:

    So sad to hear about the loss of your sweet and brave baby girl, Abby. My heart goes out to you both. I know that no words can fill the void in your hearts and lives, but if it brings you any comfort, please know that ABBY IS NOW YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL and is with you both EVERYDAY!

    Peace and greetings!

    Denise-Anne Miller
    Longueuil, Quebec CANADA

  18. So sorry for your loss. Pets are so much more than ‘just an animal’. It will take time to recover but you were truly blessed.

  19. Linda Davis says:

    Oh what a heart-wrenching story. What a beautiful and brave little girl. My heart goes out to you. You must miss her terribly. How fortunate for you to have had her in your life. I hope you will be okay, I know how difficult it is to lose a pet that you love so dearly. My deepest sympathy to you.

  20. R.I.P Abby for saving her owener`s life Mark you will never be forgotten and yes she should be pet of the day.

  21. i’m so so sorry for your loss. she was obviously a blessing to you, and it wasnt just by chance she came into your life. she’s is a guardian angel & i’ll be praying for you & your heartache to ease. take care, God Bless!

  22. Abby is more than pet of the day or month she is a hero and is being rewarded at the Rainbow Bridge

    • linda ryan says:

      i cried when i read about abby…..i hope she didnt suffer to much…..sorry for your loss….abby certainly should be pet of the day and more… me all pets should be a pet of the day….they are so caring…have unconditional love…feel what you feel…always by your side and so much more…..there is alot of lessons for humans to learn from our human canines…..for they know the true meaning of love and life…abby is proof of that….rip… were beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  23. linda ryan says:

    linda..i cried whin i read this….abby is a true hero…hope she didnt suffer…all dogs are heros…uncondional love..sorry to abbys parents…rip

  24. You must feel like your heart has been crushed. She would not leave till she knew you were safe and sound. That’s why they call them Man’s Best Friend. Their faithfulness and companionship is their BEST TRAIT. She did what she did out of pure unconditional LOVE. She is crying for joy because now she knows you are safe. Please don’t let her happy tears go to waste. Say a prayer for her every night and tell her she will always be in your heart. God Bless you Abby, your one HERO of a dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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