Meet Maxx & Marmalade


Maxx & Marmalade were both brought into the same animal shelter on the same day. They were strays and looking for a home. They became instant friends, BFFs, friends for life. You’re about to learn just how that happened…

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Maxx was a happy, go lucky optimist.  Life was simple and life was so much fun!  His first memories are of his seven squirmy, soft, warm brothers and sisters and the big, wet tongue of his Mother.  He loved wrestling and practicing his best moves with his siblings and he can still remember the crisp, cool fall air and how the whole family would wake up chilly and a little damp, waiting for their Mother to come back and feed them.  He also remembers the morning she didn’t come back and how afraid they all were when a man in a big truck scooped them up and put them in a crate, eventually dropping them off at a loud and scary building with lots of other animals.  He cried and shook so badly as one by one, his brothers and sisters disappeared and Maxx was all alone.

As he moped about in his crate, he noticed a soft yellow paw probing the newspaper in his crate.  He ventured over and tentatively licked the paw, which seemed to be attached to a strange looking animal that smiled back at him through the bars.  Maxx was so happy to be near another friendly face that layed right down next to his neighbor, sighed happily and fell asleep.


 Marmalade was an only kitten and her Mother doted on her, carrying her everywhere by the scruff of her neck.  She loved to play “pounce” with her Mother and was getting very good at hiding under the sofa and making the old woman they lived with laugh out loud.  Marm had just started to eat from a bowl when something very unusual happened.  One day the old woman picked up Marmalade and her Mother and cried.  She seemed to be saying good-bye but Marm wasn’t sure why.  Shortly after that, Marmalade found herself in a very big building with lots of other animals.  She was in a cage all by herself, and her Mother was nowhere to be found.  Marm cried out for her Mother but she didn’t get a response—which was strange because Mom always came running when Marm called for her.

She didn’t like being alone and her natural curiosity got the best of her.  She looked to the left of her and saw a BIG Tom cat.  Marm tried to strike up a conversation but Tom wasn’t interested in what a mere kitten had to say.  Then she looked to the left and saw the most pathetic puppy, who was shaking like a leaf.  Good grief, she thought, this little guy needs a friend and so she scurried over to the side of the crate and stuck her paw through the opening.  The puppy tentatively inched his way over to her paw, snuggled up as close as he could get and fell instantly into an exhausted sleep.

A lifelong friendship was born.  And, the story of how they found their new home is a pretty darned good tale, too, if we do say so ourselves, but that’s for another day.

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