Bailey….Big AND Cuddly!!!


This  is Bailey, a 14 year old Main Coon / Siamese mix.  Bailey was about 8 when this picture was taken. He’s a wonderful cat who is so large he weighs about 20 pounds. Yeah, he eats a lot, but he’s also very lazy. He has never been a cat to jump on anything. He likes to be outside watching the birds fly by.   Bailey was initial mistaken for being a female, only because he is soooo beautiful!!!   Thanks to Shelley from Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

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What can I say, other then thank you “We Are Pet Nation” and Steve Borrelli, from myself, Bandit and Lexus!!! I can’t wait until you hit the International Stream line. I am hooking up with you on Twitter, to follow your “adventure” from here “Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard”. Any Pet Lover can hook up from their own Facebook account to “like” the “We Are Pet Nation” page. I enjoy all of their Pet of the Day photos, as well as the comments made by other Pet Lovers, like myself !!! Thanks, We Are Pet Nation, for creating your site for all us Pet Lovers.

Cindy Masterson-Roth, Bruce Peninsula in Wiarton, Ontario