Bubba….Man Of The House


Meet Bubba, a two year old Labrador.   Bubba loves his tennis ball and any toy that squeaks.  He loves his human, Rebecca Andres of Pleasanton, Kansas and shadows her whereever she goes.  Bubba also loves to go on long road trips in the car.  He’s just a big 85 pound lap dog!!!

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  1. What a beautiful lab! We have a black lab who is just a puppy at 7 months old but he will be a huge lap dog as well.

  2. With a name like ‘Bubba’, you would think he would terrorize the neighborhood. The look on his face shows otherwise. Can’t make a guard dog out of a peaceful, loving, pet and who would want to. Give him all you love and he will return it 10 fold. He’s gorgeous and you should be extremely proud of him. I’ve had three dogs since I have been married. The first one was a ‘mutt’ Buttons, and he lived to be 19 years old. Our second was a deaf ‘Dalmation’ Pebbles, and he passed away at 15 years old, we taught some sign language,and our third love bug is a ‘Golden Doodle’. Not a bad bone in his body. Born Sept. 13 and named Hudson.

    • Rebecca Andres says:

      Thank you. I am proud of him. He isn’t really a guard dog but he is protective of me around strangers-he will fuss and stay between me and them. I do love him!!! Bubba is the youngest in our pack of seven, and they are all spoiled rotten and very loved.

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