Everest Bear…..Big Baby!!!


This is Everest Bear, an 18 month old, 175 pound, purebred Newfoundland!!! He loves wrestling (and we imagine wins most of his matches!!!), going for long walks and of course, swimming. When he was growing, he gained 8 to 15 pounds every three weeks.  He eats carrots, apples, bananas and drools for salmon, liver and rice. He is a big, huggable boy who loves everybody, but because of his size, many people are afraid of him. He is a gentle, but goofy giant of a dog! Special thanks to Jill Lewis of Richmond, British Columbia.

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  1. With a face like that, who in this world would ever be afraid of him? Guess people who don’t like dogs… That was my choice for my first dog but our yard wasn’t big enough to let him have a good run. We saw puppies and I remember the first one I picked up was named ‘OLEO”. My loss!!! They’re so gentle and kind and BIG… He’s georgeous…… Give him lots of love and tell him Darlene says he is one in a million…

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I cannot begin to thank you enough for allowing my dearly departed companion Zero to be recognized as your "Pet of the Day". A truly genuine tribute to my best friend and much missed sidekick! The circle of life continues, I can't imagine living a life, without a dog in it! Thank You so much!

Russ Ewing, Brampton, Ontario, Canada