Freya…..Truly A Love Goddess!!!


Freya is a 10 month old mini long haired daschund.  She is not your typical daschund and is not afraid of anyone or anything! In fact, she’ll run up to the biggest dog she sees and runs laps around them to play! Julia of Crafton, Pa, tells us how they met……… ”Our story began in a pet store. I frequently like to go and just look at the puppies because I’m a dog lover. So I saw this adorable pup just sitting looking out the glass at all the people calmly, just looking to be taken out! Most dogs, when you take them out, nibble and go crazy. Not this sweet little girl. She just wanted to lick my face and cuddle up in my lap, which she still loves to do to this day. I held her up in the air and we exchanged looks and knew she was the perfect dog for me! She had the look of no fear and endless amounts of love! I couldn’t have possibly found a more perfect dog!”  Thanks Julia!!!

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