Griffin……Our First Whippet!!!


Griffin is a 13 year old Whippet.  She comes to us from Diantha Grant form Jacksonville, Florida.   Diantha tells us….. “Griffin was a stray brought to our door by a neighbor trying to find out where he belonged. That was 8 years ago this Christmas. As soon as he became ours (when no one claimed him), we found out he had heartworm. He joined our greyhound household and settled in quite well. He is the sweetest dog ever so we don’t know why anyone would not look for him. He has had cancer 3 times, all different types but successfully treated with radiation. He recently welcomed a female whippet rescue to our home. He is the love of our life. His cutest behavior is that he has lots of blankets that he carries from room to room. Sometimes when he runs out of his blankets, he will try to pull the king-sized quilt off the bed. I have found our quilt in the family room and I’m still not sure how he managed to get it there – but the kitchen floor got cleaner as he dragged it through the house!  Thanks Diantha!!!

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Pleased? You ask? I am overwhelmed at the incredible response for my Dakota!!!! Words cannot even express how much this has meant to me and the support and love was just amazing. I really was not prepared for that type of response and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You do have a wonderful idea with We Are Pet Nation and I know you are headed in the right direction. I look forward to seeing your site grow and expand over the next year.

Holly Smith, Yucaipa, California