Happy Holidays from Emmy Lu!!!


EmmyLu is a three year old Basset Hound, and she’s ready for the holdiays!!! She is a wonderfully lovable, persistent, stubborn friend……in other words, a typical Basset Hound!   She is a constant source of all the smiles and laughter one family can handle. She will “argue” with you for her spot on the couch until, of course, you give in. She has the soul of a diva, loves to play, sleeps under the blanket on “her” pillow, and shares her love unconditionally (when she’s done arguing).   Thanks to Valerie Simpson of  Daphne, Alabama.

2 Responses to “Happy Holidays from Emmy Lu!!!”

  1. Rita Ferron says:

    EmmyLu is adorable. I love Basset Hounds

  2. She is wonderful! We love our furry friends.

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