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Hi, my name is Maisy and I’m 1 year old!!! My favorite thing is to steal pens, finger nail files, pieces of paper, peanut shells or anything I can get my little paws around. I take them to my pup tent (the one in the picture) and play with them and hide them. I also have a sister, Sally and she looks funny, I think they call her a “Toy Poodle”, whatever that is!!! I hear “Toy” and I think I’m supposed to play with her (isn’t that what you do with a toy?), so I chase her around the house. But I really just want to be friends! My Mom is great. Her name is Sharon S. and we live in Panama City, FL

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“Thank you everyone. It is so nice to be able to have a place to talk about your pets such as WAPN. Thank goodness for those of you who put this site together. It has given us pet lovers a true place of commonality, and friendship.”

Susie Sanders Chiriano, Macungie, Pennsylvania