Kaiya and Roxy….Best Friends!!!


Meet Kaiya & Roxy, today’s PETS OF THE DAY!!!   Siberian Huskies, Kaiya (the black one) is one year old and Roxy (the grey one) is two.   They are definitely best friends. They were adopted a year apart from two rescues as puppies. Their human, Nikki, of Oshawa, Ontario tells us the rest…..”Roxy is my first dog,
who was a scared, skittish, rather large 13.1 lb 8 week puppy who hid in a corner for the first two weeks of having her.  On the other hand, Kaiya was a wee little 6.3lb pup, who pounced on my hand and nibbled on my fingers the sec I placed her hand down to let her smell me. They are opposites in all ways, Roxy is shy and reserved around people, Kaiya loves everyone. Roxy a smart graceful runner, who was housebroken in 6 days, can sit, stay, shake, roll over, and play dead; and Kaiya who couldn’t jump until she was 6 months, trips over everything and pretty much high fives and shakes. They are inseperable. When Kaiya torn a ligament Roxy would simply lay with her all day. They love play fighting, running and playing with their best friends Border Collies Oreo and Wynn.”   Thanks Nikki!!!

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