Jackson, Survivor……Lifelong Friend


Meet Jackson, today’s Pet of the Day who was proudly submitted by Linda Dorval of Clearwater, BC Canada.  Jackson was badly beaten and abused as a pup and Linda found him after he was thrown out of a car. He is slightly challenged, likely from all the beating he took to the face and head. He bears a big scar on his nose and his mouth doesn’t work quite perfectly, so he drools a lot when he eats. Once you get to know him, Linda says he is a delight; a charming and overgrown puppy. Houston (Linda’s deceased female dog who was a Pet of the Day in September) and JJ (another rescue) have always been very dedicated to Jackson and are fully aware of his limitations. If they sit on the couches and Jackson wants the spot, they will get up and let him have it, even though there may be other spots close by.

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I cannot begin to thank you enough for allowing my dearly departed companion Zero to be recognized as your "Pet of the Day". A truly genuine tribute to my best friend and much missed sidekick! The circle of life continues, I can't imagine living a life, without a dog in it! Thank You so much!

Russ Ewing, Brampton, Ontario, Canada