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Meet Nanuk (Nuk to his closest friends!). who will be turning 9 years old this month. Best to hear about him from his owner Becki….. “We adopted Nuk from the Collier County Domestic Animal Services in Naples, FL back in January, 2003. He was a stray and the absolute cutest dog in the shelter. He is not an attention seeker, but he loves those who love him. Sometimes he wants to be left alone, but other times he’s shoving his nose into our hand or leg for attention. He likes his freedom to roam, yet he keeps an eye on us when we’re home. Nuk, as he’s called at home, spends most of his time sitting on his favorite chair, looking out the window, and just watching the world go by. If I can’t find him, I know he’s at “his window”. Recently he’s been going through some severe allergies and has spent a lot of the last three years on medications to combat his worsening skin condition which involves raw patches and lost fur. Even when his skin is at its worst, he always seems happy. He enjoys the simple things. Aside from his window, he loves rides in the car and going for jogs around the neighborhood. His favorite activity seems to be running around the house like a mad man, barking and howling his head off when the UPS man pulls into the neighborhood. He can recognize the truck blocks away and I swear he smiles when he hears it. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t love Nuk. Even non-dog people, are petting him and saying how great he is by the time they leave”.  Seems like Nuk’s one happy fella! Nuk and Becki live in Allentown, PA

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I cannot begin to thank you enough for allowing my dearly departed companion Zero to be recognized as your "Pet of the Day". A truly genuine tribute to my best friend and much missed sidekick! The circle of life continues, I can't imagine living a life, without a dog in it! Thank You so much!

Russ Ewing, Brampton, Ontario, Canada