Meet Oscar & Petie, our Pets of the Day


Here are dachshunds Oscar and Petie, both born in April, 2001. Brothers from the same breeder, they have been together all of their lives. Oscar is a wired-haired and as you can see by the look in his eyes, an old soul. He is the man of the “dog” house. He is gentle and sweet. Petie, the short-haired, on the other hand, never wants to grow up. Even though he is 10 1/2, he acts like a puppy, always playing and jumping. Oscar tries to get him to act his age but he refuses! They were both the life of the party at the wedding reception! Special thanks to Trish C. of Neshanic Station, NJ

3 Responses to “Meet Oscar & Petie, our Pets of the Day”

  1. What absolute gentlemen, so very sweet!

  2. What a couple of handsome guys. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. This photo cracked me up. They seem so content to be the masters of honor!!!

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