Mongo…..The Best Medicine!!!


Mongo is an eight month Rottweiler / German Shepherd and lives in Borden, Ontario with his human, Erica Hall.   Erica tells us their story….”Mongo is my 90 pound baby boy. He loves to be outside; going for walks and playing fetch. More than anything he loves to snuggle, though he is only 8 months old he is one of the calmest pups I have ever had the pleasure to love. He is well known by our friends and neighbours for his love of a good petting and his demands for big hugs. Mongo is very special to me, I am a severe asthmatic, there are nights when I wake up unable to breathe in desperate need of taking my inhaler. Mongo wakes up with me watching me take my inhaler. He then spoons with me waiting for my breathing to return to normal. Mongo is my savior in many ways because its his unconditional love for me that calms me enough to steady my breathing.”   Thanks Erica!!!

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