Nala….Beautiful Russian Blue!!!


Meet Nala, a beautiful 8 month old, Long Hair Russian Blue.  Nala was found in a trash can with her brother, who was taken by another family.  Sadly, he didn’t make it, RIP, at 3 weeks of age.  Her human, Emily Dupree of Poplar Grove, Illinois, tells us the rest of her story…..”Nala was so sick, no one but myself had faith she would make it through the night. I stayed up day and night feeding her, cleaning her, teaching her how to walk, use a litter box, eat, drink and get her back to normal living. The results are definitely the greatest reward. I may have rescued her from the streets, but she rescued me as a person. She puts the light back in my eyes during the hardest of times, she makes me feel wanted, she makes me feel whole again. She may be just another kitty to others, but she is the missing piece of my life”.  Thanks Emily!!!

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I cannot begin to thank you enough for allowing my dearly departed companion Zero to be recognized as your "Pet of the Day". A truly genuine tribute to my best friend and much missed sidekick! The circle of life continues, I can't imagine living a life, without a dog in it! Thank You so much!

Russ Ewing, Brampton, Ontario, Canada