Sadie…..A True Survivor!!!


Say “HI!!” to Sadie, an eight and a half year old Border Collie / Husky mix from Trent River, Ontario.   Her owner Jess tells us her story…..”Sadie was adopted the day before she was scheduled to be euthanized (for what they called “kennel crazy” and gross malnourishment (weighing 26lbs)) by my late grandfather. She was a gift to me to help me recover from surgery and fight depression. A few short months later he suddenly passed away. Sadie stayed by my side throughout the sadness – bringing me joy when I could not find any.   Sadie is about to turn 9 years old weighing in at 68lbs and is in perfect health. She is an amazing animal and I cannot begin to express how special she truly is to me and everyone she comes across.”   What  great story.  Thanks Jess!!!  And Thanks Sadie!!!

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