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Trigger…..Identity Crisis?


Meet Trigger, an 8 year old tabby. Trigger, who isalso known as Triggz, must of been a dog in his previous life.. He Loves to play catch, and if its a small enough ball he’ll even bring it back to you. He is very playful and also loves to snuggle. He is filled with love [...]

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Butterscotch is 3 years old and is just a silly cat! She loves playing with anything she can find on the ground; pencils, bottle caps…ANYTHING.  She was found  as a stray about 2 years ago by Jade Westington of Fraserville, Ontario.  That day Butterscotch just walked right into her garage and layed in her recyle bin!!! Jade also [...]

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Tails…Ready To Attack!!!


Today we honor Tails, an 18 year old short hair who passed away on January 13,2012.  Submitted by Cheryl Blondin of Peterborough, Ontario, she tells us that Tails will always be a STAR in her heart. She LOVED her “wildlife” friends (chipmunks , squirrels…) and she loved to travel & just lying in the sun!   We celebrate the [...]

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Soxie….In Her Coach Bag!!!


Soxie is seven years old and definitely a character. Sometimes it’s like she is smarter than most people.  She knows when you are sick or hurt and will come to comfort you.  Joyce Tomkinson of Gravehurst, Ontario tell us more….”She is good to my four year old son when he wants her to play hide and [...]

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Nala….Beautiful Russian Blue!!!


Meet Nala, a beautiful 8 month old, Long Hair Russian Blue.  Nala was found in a trash can with her brother, who was taken by another family.  Sadly, he didn’t make it, RIP, at 3 weeks of age.  Her human, Emily Dupree of Poplar Grove, Illinois, tells us the rest of her story…..”Nala was so [...]

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Smokie…..The Social Butterfly!!!


SMOKIE is a 3 year old domestic long hair.  Very affectionate, playful, loveable, and extremely sociable and human L. Gatti from Montreal, Canada says a potential talent for LE CIRQUE DU SOLEIL!!!

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Memphis…Strike A Pose!!!


Memphis is a five year old Short Haired Tabby.  He’s pretty much a small dog!!!  He is a large cat who loves to play fetch with his fuzzy mice. As you can see, Memphis is very photogenic and loves being in front of the camera!  Thanks to Kathryn is Dillon, Colorado!!!

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Kero….Love At First MEOW!!!


This is Kero, a six month old Domestic Short Hair. He livs in St. Williams, Ontario with his human Amber Lorna.   Amber tells us…..”Kero is a cute little fellow. We decided to add a new addition to our family. We got him from a nice family that owned a farm, he shared a barn stall with his [...]

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Petals & Jersey….BFF’s!!!


Meet Petals and Jersey.  Petals is a 6 year old Mancoon and Jersey is a 3 year old Mixed (part Siamese, part unknown).  Petals loves playing with his best pal Jeresy! They have been the BFF’s since Jersey joined the family! They love to cuddle and are very playful.  You will usually find Petals hiding in any [...]

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Bobby Jr…..Mr. “Laid Back”!!!


Bobby Jr. is a 2 year old Domestic Short Hair / Bob Tail.  He is a very affectionate guy. He loves to cuddle and if he wasn’t so big, I think he would stay in your arms for hours. He loves to sleep on his window perch & likes to chase scrunched up pieces of paper. Thanks [...]

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