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Blue Bell has her eye on YOU!!!


Meet Blue Bell, a very cute 4 year old Dachshund.  Blue Bell got her name from teh fact that her left eye is HALF BLUE!!!   She can see perfectly fine and is a VERY happy little lady!   Special thanks to Emma in Miami, Manitoba!!!

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Abbey….”You Lookin At Me???”


Abbey is a smooth mini Dachshund.   She has everyone around her very well trained!!!  Abbey hates the rain and absolutely has to sleep under a blanket.  Thanks to Marie W of Dorset, Ontario Canada.

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Saber……Bundle Of Energy!!!


Meet Saber, a four and a half year old Dachshund / Boston Terrier cross.  Saber loves to chase a laser around the yard at night.  He also likes wearing his clothes and even tries to help put them on. He loves to cuddle up under a blanket and watch movies, yet as soon as you say [...]

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Meet Frankie, a 7 year old Dachshund from Langham, Saskatchewan. Frankie has such a long spine, you can normally find him in various poses stretching his very long back. Here he’s in one of his favorite sleeping positions.  Thanks to Brian Zarowny!!!

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Nibbles……Take A BIG Bite!!!


Meet the super adorable Nibbles, a two year old Dachshund / Terrier Mix.  Nibbles is a rambunctious little fella who loves riding in the car, playing with his plethora of toys, and spending time snuggling on the couch with his mama!  His mama is Jennifer from Roanoke, VA.   Thanks Jennifer!!!

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Freya…..Truly A Love Goddess!!!


Freya is a 10 month old mini long haired daschund.  She is not your typical daschund and is not afraid of anyone or anything! In fact, she’ll run up to the biggest dog she sees and runs laps around them to play! Julia of Crafton, Pa, tells us how they met……… ”Our story began in a pet store. I [...]

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Odin……Champion Kisser!!!


This cute little guy is Odin, a five year old Dachshund from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.   Odin LOVES to kiss, and who woudln’t want a kiss from that cute little face?   Mostly he loves to kiss his Mom, Carol Rennie.  Apparently Odin also likes the camera quite a bit!  Thanks Carol!

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WAPN The Healing Power of Puppies

The Healing Power of Puppies


I raise Dachshunds. I love the breed. They’re fiercely loyal and loveable. I recently had my first successful Cream pup born and he’s a beauty. I was very excited and planned to keep him for myself. But then, a mom of a 17 year-old girl who is battling Leukemia called me. Her daughter wanted nothing [...]

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Amber, Back Home and Happy Again!!!


Here’s a great story from our WAPN fan Christine B. of Cumberland, RI…”Amber is an eleven year old Long Haired Mini Dachshund. In July 2011 Amber was experiencing pain and what appeared to be paralysis in her hind quarter. We immediately rushed her to our Vet and they referred us to the states Emergency Veterinary [...]

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WAPN Oscar Petie POTD 2011-11-07

Meet Oscar & Petie, our Pets of the Day


Here are dachshunds Oscar and Petie, both born in April, 2001. Brothers from the same breeder, they have been together all of their lives. Oscar is a wired-haired and as you can see by the look in his eyes, an old soul. He is the man of the “dog” house. He is gentle and sweet. [...]

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“I would like to thank everyone for sending their loving wishes for Mattie. He still remains in the hospital and his doctors are doing everything they can for him. It is so comforting to come to this site and see how many people genuinely care about him. Just reading your comforting words today has help me get through a very trying day. Once again, thanks to everyone, love Mattie, Molly, Renate Efford (Mommy), Barry (Daddy), Lesleigh (sister), Joy (sister) and Dylan (brother). Please feel free to request a friendship on my homepage and I will keep you updated on Mattie’s progress. THANK YOU – WE ARE PET NATION!”

Renate Efford, St-Johns, Newfoundland