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Pizann…American Beauty!!!


We’re back.  Sorry for the lull in our Pet Of The Day feature.  Sometimes life gets in the way! Meet Pizann, a handsome 4 year old American Bull.  Pizann is a therapeutic dog and highly intelligent. He enjoys playing football with the kids in the neighborhood. Pizann has a certain toy that is a big [...]

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Peekabu…..Beach Bum!!!


Florida got a Summer preview last week with temperatures in the mid to upper 80′s, so Peekabu headed to her favorite baby pool to cool off and play with her favorite tennis ball!!!  Peekabu is a 11 year 10 month old Labrador Retreiver and just loves to take her ball and sit down in the [...]

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Griffin……Our First Whippet!!!


Griffin is a 13 year old Whippet.  She comes to us from Diantha Grant form Jacksonville, Florida.   Diantha tells us….. “Griffin was a stray brought to our door by a neighbor trying to find out where he belonged. That was 8 years ago this Christmas. As soon as he became ours (when no one claimed [...]

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Kira…..After A Long Day!!!


Kira needs some rest after a long day at the office.  She’s three years old and is seen here reclining in her favorite chair!   Thanks to Samantha in Belle Grade, Florida.

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WAPN Letting Go of Anger and Resentment Milo is our Teacher

Letting Go of Anger and Resentment


Letting Go of Anger and Resentment Milo is our Teacher Most people talk about the unconditional love that they benefit from in their relationship with their dog. That’s how it is with Milo, our English Shepherd who just turned one year old. He turns bad days into good ones the moment we come home. No [...]

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Hello to Maisy, our Pet of the Day


Hi, my name is Maisy and I’m 1 year old!!! My favorite thing is to steal pens, finger nail files, pieces of paper, peanut shells or anything I can get my little paws around. I take them to my pup tent (the one in the picture) and play with them and hide them. I also [...]

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Say hello to Sheena, our Pet of the Day


Meet Sheena. She’s 15 years young and very, very smart. She is an ouside cat and taught her kittens how to look both ways before crossing the road!!! Thanks to Jeanne M from Melbourne, FL

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WAPN T-Bone POTD 2011-10-20

Meet T-Bone, our Pet of the Day


Meet T-Bone, a 2 1/2 year old male German Shepherd. He’s a smart guy, apparently likes to read a lot and knows all of his toys by name. T-Bone’s catching up his dog reading here, and it looks like perhaps planning tonight’s dinner!!! Thanks to Susan V. in Florida.

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