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Paisley….Just Being A Girl!!!


Paisley is a six month old Boston Terrier.  She’s already very prissy!!!  She likes taking bubble baths,getting blow dried afterwards, and getting her nails polished.She sits calm and enjoys every moment of it.  Paisley just loves being a girl!!!  Thanks to ELizabeth Green of Decatur, Georgia!!!

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Lucy…..A Great Passenger!!!


Lucy is a six year old of unknown breed.  Submitted by Madison Karr of Albany, Ga.  In Madison’s words…….”The day before Christmas Eve 2006 my grandmother took me to a flea market to try and find a puppy. We walked around for hours, not one puppy to be found. As we were going back to [...]

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Bear…..Do You Like My Eyes?


Bear is a four year old Domestic Medium Hair from Richmond Hill, Georgia.  What beautiful eyes!!!  Bear is a sweet kitty and loves to go outside and play at night. He is also very lazy and just loves to lay around the house.   Thanks to Amber.

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Liberty…….Beautiful Princess!!!


Liberty is a one year old Beagle who is a sweet, fun-loving girl. She has been told all her life she is a beautiful princess. Giving kisses is her favorite thing to do and she insists on it being mouth to mouth. She is extremely energetic and needs lots of play before calms down. And because [...]

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