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Buckle…..Handsome Boy!


This handsome boy is Buckle, a Catahoula – Tennessee Treeing Brindle cross.  Buckle was a shelter dog from Ohio, brought to the London, Ontario humane society and adopted at 10 months old. He is now 1 year and 3 months and a very sweet boy. He loves to be held like a baby, even though he’s almost 80 [...]

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Skrillex…..One Of A Kind!


This is Skrillex, a four month old, Cao de Fila cross with a Boxer.   What an remarkably beautiful dog.  He is a very smart loving puppy.   He already knows how to sit, shake both paws and lay down. Thanks to Krista from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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Rosie…..Love me!!!


This is Rosie and she’s 7 months old.  Rosie is VERY affectionate and loves to snuggle.  She also has a great appetite and loves eating everything and anything she can get her little paws on!!!  She’s a little crazy, but she too adorable to resist!! Thanks to Bryanna Sedorko of Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada.

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Lexus….The “Checkerboard Aussies” Have a Holiday!!!


This is Lexus, a Red Tri-Color Aussie Shepherd brought to us by Cindy Masterson-Roth or Wiarton, Ontario Canada.   Fans of WAPN will remember her “Checkerboard Aussies” (with Bandit and Mercedes) as Pets Of The Day several months ago.   To read more about life on the Bruce Peninsula, visit Cindy’s blog at

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Peanut…Where’s the squirrels???


This cute little gal is Peanut, a one and half year old Pug.   Peanut just LOVES squirrels!!!   She loves chasing them in the yard and even recognizes the word.  She will stop anything she is doing if someone says the word “squirrel”.   Thanks to Lise in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

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Chaika……Beautiful Husky!!!


Say hello to Chaika, an 8 year old Husky.  Born on a farm in Alberta, he likes long car rides, boat rides, swimming in the lake and gets very excited when he knows it’s time to visit his puppy store. Chaika begins his day with loud howls in the mornings (his way of saying “I [...]

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Beemer & Bowser…..Master Navigators!!!


Meet Beemer (left) a 5 year old Pug & Bowser a one year old Jack Russel/Pug mix. They are the happiest of brothers. Bowser absolutely loves being around Beemer and chasing him in the backyard. If Beemer is lying on the floor, Bowser will always go and cuddle with him. Both of them love their [...]

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Hope…..Master Hunter!!!


Say Hi to Hope, a 2 year old Boxer/Border Collie mix.  Hope’s favorite passtime is chasing squirrels!!! She mostly just loves long walks and playing outdoors.  Thanks to Jenn of Gravenhurst, Ontario Canada.

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Rufus….Our first Great Dane POTD!!!


Meet Rufus, a 2 year old Great Dane. He loves going for long walks and is a MAJOR bedhog!!! Thanks to Bryanna Sedorko of  Elliot Lake, Ontario Canada

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The Gang!!! 3 day old Golden Retriever pups.


This special holiday gift of Golden Retriever pups arrived on November 24, 2011!!!  At three days old, it’s a bit too early for these little guys and gals to have names.  At this stage they cannot walk, see or hear, but they still manage to get around.  Special Thanks to Wendy Pilger of Gravenhurst, Ontario [...]

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