The Healing Power of Puppies


I raise Dachshunds. I love the breed. They’re fiercely loyal and loveable. I recently had my first successful Cream pup born and he’s a beauty. I was very excited and planned to keep him for myself.

But then, a mom of a 17 year-old girl who is battling Leukemia called me. Her daughter wanted nothing else, but a Dachshund. She will need a bone marrow transplant in the future, and her doctors told her that after the transplant, she should not get a puppy because she shouldn’t add any new potential allergens or things like that into her life while she’s recovering. She’ll have a weakened ability to fight off infection for a while. But, the doctors said that if she had a puppy now and that dog was a part of her life before the transplant, she could keep it after the transplant.

After hearing the story, I told the daughter and the mom to call me and I would give them a puppy. What better use for my pup than to be a companion and supply love to a young girl fighting for her life. I can’t think of a better purpose for any dog.

I spent the afternoon in the park with that young girl and her family. She was able to get a pass from the hospital for a couple of hours. I brought her puppy and she was able to spend two hours playing with him. You could see the joy in her eyes. Her mom said she is researching Dachshunds on the web and making plans on how she wants to train Copper. The puppy has already helped her think about good things for her future.

I wanted to keep him myself, but she needs him. She is a beautiful young girl who should have no more pressing thoughts then her next pretty party dress and hanging out with her friends. I am glad they called me and that Copper will help her through this. He will be such a great comfort to her. Dogs are so very therapeutic. Copper is such a laid back puppy that he will lay in your arms on his back like a baby. They were so good together. I held it together while I was at the park, but I cried all the way home. Then I thanked the Universe for all my blessings. I have not a complaint about my life. I am truly blessed.


About the Author

Laurie Klein lives in the Northwest, with beautiful views of the mountains and the sky, in what she says is “the most beautiful place on earth,” and raises dachshunds.


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  1. What a beautiful story and what a beautiful puppy face. I downloaded this book by signing up in the blue box, just like you said, and I have to leave my Thank you, here. 14 beautiful stories and photos. Just brightened my day. Karen

  2. Sharon Haddaway says:

    I didn’t intend to adopt a dog, but when I went to the Humane Society 4 years ago to play with the dogs, My eyes met his.. an abandoned 2 year old Pomeranian. I say we “saved” each other. I had just lost my best friend, had moved almost 1000 miles from home, and he had been lost too. I promised him I would love him forever, never put him in a cage again, and he, in his own way, promised to comfort and love me through this very difficult time. Well, we are still soul mates, and he has helped heal me and continues to be by my side every day. Nothing compares to the unconditional, pure, untainted love of a dog. It even prompted me to volunteer at the Humane Society and help other people find their “soul mates”. It has been very rewarding. Ziggy and I go everywhere together,and people love him! I can just tell he is so grateful to have a second chance at being loved, and I will love him forever.

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