Willy….What’s That Look???


Willy is 8 1/2 years old and lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.   We’re wondering what this look is all about?   His human, Peggy, suggests it could be that “Wise, all knowing feline” look.   What do you think?

Willy’s inner clock functions perfectly, and he is not at all shy about jabbing Peggy in the eye with this paw in the early morning if she doesn’t get up early enough to feed him.   Thanks Peggy…and PLEASE don’t forget breakfast!!!

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“I would like to thank everyone for sending their loving wishes for Mattie. He still remains in the hospital and his doctors are doing everything they can for him. It is so comforting to come to this site and see how many people genuinely care about him. Just reading your comforting words today has help me get through a very trying day. Once again, thanks to everyone, love Mattie, Molly, Renate Efford (Mommy), Barry (Daddy), Lesleigh (sister), Joy (sister) and Dylan (brother). Please feel free to request a friendship on my homepage and I will keep you updated on Mattie’s progress. THANK YOU – WE ARE PET NATION!”

Renate Efford, St-Johns, Newfoundland