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Monday’s Book Giveaway

Every Monday, beginning today, we’ll give away a brand new book about pets to one person in this community.  All you need to do to be eligible to win is to leave a comment on this blog post on our website.  We’ll announce the winner tomorrow morning.  This week’s book giveaway is bestselling author, Joey Green and his very clever book, Joey Green’s Amazing Pet Cures.

The ever-imaginative Joey Green has made an entire career of presenting creative uses for every day brand-name household products you most likely already have in your pantry or closet.  Here are five Joey Green approved special pet-related uses for everyday products. Today he gives us two ideas to fight fleas.

McCormick Pure Lemon Extract.  Mix one teaspoon McCormick Pure Lemon Extract and two cups of water in a sixteen-oounce trigger-spray bottle, and then saturate your dog with the lemony solution, brushing her coat so the mixture penetrates to the skin.  Dry with a towel and give your pet a final brushing.  The limonene from the extract kills both fleas and larvae.  The lemon also helps heal fleabites. (Don’t spray a cat with this solution.  Cats detest citrus.)

Dawn Dishwashing Liquid.  To kill fleas on dogs or cats without using poisons, add a small amount of Dawn Dishwashing Liquid under running water to fill a sink or bathtub and give the animal a bath in the soapy solution.  Work the lather into your pet’s coat and let it soak for more than five minutes.  The soap penetrates the exoskeltons of the fleas, killing them, working more effectively than some prescribed flea shampoos.

Do you have tried and true, non-toxic flea remedies you’d like to share with We Are Pet Nation?  Please leave a comment below and let’s start our own list.


About the Author

Joey Green is the guru of surprising uses for brand-name products. He is the author of 45 books, including Joey Green’s Cleaning Magic.  Joey has appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, The View, The Tonight Show and numerous other national television programs and his tips have been featured in countless newspapers and magazines.

Excerpted from Joey Green’s Amazing Pet Cures, Copyright (C) 2011 by Joey Green with permission from Rodale Books.

Buy Joey Green’s Amazing Pet Cures and tell us what you think.

20 Responses to “Fight Fleas with Joey Green & Win a Book”

  1. carolyn stortz says:

    excellent idea with the lemon…will give that a try!!

  2. i hav i puppy 5 cats an how do u get rid of fleas i put the advantage on them but still hav some hangin out help

    • I live in the Yukon and in the summer and fall I have Blackflies to contend with chewing my dogs ears raw so to combat this I found that lemon sunlight dish soap works better than comercial repelents and it is non toxic. I just put some on my finges and aplie it in their ears but not in the canne. It looks funny but works.

  3. I’ve seen Joey on Good Morning America and the Today Show over the years. He’s a very fun guy and he has every tip tested for safety.

  4. Colleen Sells says:

    I like the solution to using Dawn dish soap versus using poison to kill fleas.

    I have seen Joey on the Today Show.

  5. Trisha Lewis says:

    A teaspoon of Apple Cider vinegar in puppy’s drinking water will repel fleas too!

  6. Linda Dorval says:

    It would probably be much easier using the spray bottle than trying to bathe and try to keep the dog/cat to stand still for 5 minutes.

    And the lemon extract will keep my cat from bugging the dogs……hi hi hi…….that’ll teach him.

    Thanks for the tricks

  7. I know that Dawn works. I can’t wait to try lemon extract in between baths

  8. This seems like a awesome book. I love the natural approach!

  9. Raeann Keller says:

    I like to learn about healthy ways to heal my cat instead of using medication that can be harmful. Thank you for writing a book like this, I am sure it will come in handy to a lot of people!!

  10. Karen James says:

    I love these tips. I have both these products in my cabinets right now. And, it makes sense about the Dawn Dish washing Liquid. They use Dawn to clean oil spills from marine life, so it is proven safe for animals.

  11. This book looks interesting. One of the things I read on the front is something I would like to find out about as my cat does have a lot of dander which tends to get my allergies going some.

  12. I have never had the pleasure of hearing or seeing Joey, as a guest on any shows, however I am certain if he loves animals and has written a book on how we are able to cure our pets by using “safe” methods, then I am all for him ! I have known and still know many pet owners who have allergy issues with their own loved pets, so I will be recommending they investigate Joey’s own recommendations in his book for themselves, as I will be. Thanks WAPN for making me aware of Joey and his “Amazing Pet Cures” book.

  13. Joey, Is there some household product that will discourage the fleas before there is an infestation?

  14. So much better than the chemicals.

  15. Ginny Jeffrey says:

    I have always rinsed my pets in 2 Tblsp. of salt in a gallon of water. This runs the fleas away and helps to heal any bites. I also sprinkle salt around their beds.

  16. Pamela Dionne says:

    “Cedarcide Best Yet” A cedar oil spray, origonally developed for GI in Iraq against sand fleas. Can be used on puppies, kittens, you, your kids and a premise spray. NOT a poison. See… Works great on my 2 dogs and us!

  17. I well try this lemon extract I think I have read that before anything to keep the poor animals in stress .Fleas well drive the animals crazy thanks for the advice pats

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