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An understatement would be to say that my wife and I didn’t quite know what we were getting into when we adopted our dog Faith as a rescue.
When we got her, Faith was estimated by the vet to be a two-year old beagle/ pit mix, somewhat overweight (68.5 pounds) and out-of-shape from giving puppies. She also revealed a dog-aggressive personality, a trait she hid from us quite successfully when we’d walked her at the shelter.

Well, it was a long road helping her become as happy and healthy as she is today. Where at first she sometimes would vomit in the morning, she now wakes up as the world’s happiest dog, starting her day and ours by wagging her tail and sighing contentedly. She then rolls over and beckons us to come over and give her the usual spa treatment of kisses and massages. And she has so many dog boyfriends now that it’s hard to remember all their names.

And it turned out that Faith is a swimming dog at heart, which was key to our getting her into shape. The first time we took her upstate to a lake in the New York Berkshires, she looked wide-eyed at all the blue water, like a kid at her first circus. Now, she would rather retrieve her water-toy than do anything else (including eat!) And swimming her in lakes and bays (and even a couple of indoor pools for dogs in the winter) has been key to getting her to a toned 52 lbs, and keeping her frisky.

The Dog Diet For Humans
A little-known trick for weight-loss in humans (which Faith invented) is changing your diet to accommodate your dog’s nutrition! To slim Faith down, I gradually began shifting my own snacks only to those that would be healthy treats if shared with her.
I was never very heavy, but I am 12 pounds lighter today than ten years ago (and 20 points lower on my sugar count!) thanks to my cutover from ice-cream or pudding to delicious delicacies like raw carrots, oh well!

How Faith Changed My Wife/Life!
My wife and I rarely walk down the street anymore without petting some stranger’s dog. And we now seek out great events we never would have noticed before, like Broadway Barks, where Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore lend their charm to getting strays adopted. Thank you, Faith!

About the Author

Jeff Furman is the author of: “The Project Management Answer Book” (2011, Management Concepts, Vienna, VA). He teaches PMP Project Management and also Presentation Skills For Trainers, and lives in Hoboken, NJ, with his wife Martha and their dog Faith. His website is www.Jeff-Furman.com, and he can be found on FaceBook, Linkedin, and on Twitter @ PMAnswerBook.


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