Zero, Lifelong Companion


Zero was submitted by Russ Ewing of Brampton, Ontario Canada. In his own words… “In 1996 I lost My 3 1/2 yr. old Daughter Tiarra, in a most tragic house fire. Also lost in the fire were 2 of My dogs, Chaos, a 2 yr.old American Pitbull and Charley, a 12 yr.old American Cocker Spaniel. I cannot begin to describe the devastation and complete loss of my will to live, brought about by these losses. Anyways, jump forward a year. I received a phone call from a friend of mine informing me that one of his friends had just had a litter of Pitbull puppies and having read in the Toronto Sun about the loss of my Daughter and 2 dogs, was graciously willing to donate a pick of the litter pup to me. The next day, I was sitting amongst the cutest litter of 8 Pitbull Puppies, one of which, a beautiful almost tiger striped brindle male was constantly on my lap licking my face. This was the one that I would choose as my new lifelong companion, His name would be Psycho. Shortly after taking custody of Psycho, another friend of mine offered me one of her Pitbull puppies, a beautiful little blue brindle female which I named Zara. Finally I was coming out of my depression! On December 22nd 1997, I welcomed my own litter of 12 Pitbull puppies. Part of that litter was the most charming little male, mostly white with a solid brindle head and 3 patches of brindle on his back and hind leg. This one would be a keeper. Yes, this was the One that would become known to all as Zero! And up till this past August when I regrettably had to put him down, he was nothing but the perfect poster dog for what Pitbulls truly are, great family pets and all loving to both people and other animals. I’ll miss Zero forever, but, I have him with me wherever I go, thanks to my landlady who so thoughtfully bought a pendant (a black heart) for me that contains some of his ashes. Together forever!”

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“I would like to thank everyone for sending their loving wishes for Mattie. He still remains in the hospital and his doctors are doing everything they can for him. It is so comforting to come to this site and see how many people genuinely care about him. Just reading your comforting words today has help me get through a very trying day. Once again, thanks to everyone, love Mattie, Molly, Renate Efford (Mommy), Barry (Daddy), Lesleigh (sister), Joy (sister) and Dylan (brother). Please feel free to request a friendship on my homepage and I will keep you updated on Mattie’s progress. THANK YOU – WE ARE PET NATION!”

Renate Efford, St-Johns, Newfoundland